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Specifying a Zend View Paginator Control Partial in a Module-Based Application

If you are utilizing both modules and pagination in your Zend pre-2.0 application (1.6.2 – 1.12.x), you may encounter a scenario where your default PaginationControl view partial does not render. The reason behind this is the fact that the view helper assumes you are looking for the view partial within the current modules directory structure. To get around this issue and use a global view helper, you can pass an array as opposed to a string to Zend_View_Helper_PaginationControl::setDefaultViewPartial as follows:

Zend_View_Helper_PaginationControl::setDefaultViewPartial(array('_partial/paginator.phtml', 'default'));

The first array element represents your view partial and the second specifies it’s module.

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