PHPull WordPress Plugin


PHPull is a WordPress plugin for developers who wish to easily and accurately reference php functions directly from the website. It alows you to easily reference a PHP function or class metho and have it displayed in a styled tooltip on hover. The plugin is very easy to use and the tooltip display is easily customizable by updating an existing stylesheet theme or creating your own.


Installing PHPull is as easy as following a few simple steps:

  1. Download the plugin from one of the URLs provided in the downloads section.
  2. Extract the .zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, preserving the PHPull directory.
  3. Browse to the Plugins page from your WordPress admin.
  4. Activate PHPull from the list of inactive plugins on the plugins menu page.
  5. Browse to Settings > PHPull if you would like to change your default theme.


Using PHPull is as simple as highlighting a PHP function name and clicking the phpull BBCode button from the list.

[sourcecode language=”text” light=”true”]

PHPull has an optional class attribute which you may use to reference a class method, i.e.:

[sourcecode language=”text” light=”true”]
[phpull class="DOMDocument"]getElementById[/phpull]


The PHPull tooltip is entirely customizable. Simply copy the default.css file from your /wp-content/plugins/phpull/themes/ directory and create a new css file in the same directory. Once you have updated the CSS to your liking, simply navigate to the PHPull settings page at Settings > PHPull and choose your newly created CSS file from the themes dropdown.


Credit goes out to S.C. Chen for his Simple HTML DOM class that was used in this plugin.
Credit also goes out to Michael Leigeber for his amazingly lightweight tooltip javascript code.


The following two examples demonstrate available methods for referencing a class method:


[sourcecode language=”text” light=”true”]
[phpull class="DOMDocument"]getElementById[/phpull]


[sourcecode language=”text” light=”true”]

The next two examples demonstrate PHP functions including both underscores and case insensitive function names:


[sourcecode language=”text” light=”true”]


[sourcecode language=”text” light=”true”]


Downloads are currently available from the following sources:


If you are having issues with PHPull you may post a comment below or ask a question on Stack Overflow with a tag of phpull.

Suggestions and feature requests are also welcome.

Change Log

PHPull 0.1.0

  • Initial release on 12/15/09


  • Seb

    i have installer this plugin to my wordpress on my website.
    On localhost it’s ok all are correctly.
    But on the website, nothing appear. Only the loader .gif.
    Can you help me ?