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“Likejacking” Term Catches On

Back in late April, following Facebook’s f8 conference, a few articles began trickling out regarding possible security concerns with the new “Like” button. I had, at that time, unknowingly positioned myself as the potential originator of the term “likejacking.” In the comments section of How to “Like” Anything on the Web (Safely), I coined the term like-jacking; seeing a strong correlation between malicious usage of the button and clickjacking.

"Likejacking" Term Coined

Little did I know that my term would be on the forefront of a media frenzy, where a plethora of articles would be posted in a matter of minutes regarding the subject. The frenzy can be attributed to the release of two articles from security experts at Sophos regarding the topic:

An entry on Likejacking has made its way to Wikipedia. I urge security experts and web developers alike to please moderate and update the entry as it is in dire need of an overhaul. This will aid in a speedy addition to Wikipedia as well as a thorough, well-documented resource for web users to gain insight on this new security threat.

Please click here to contribute to the Likejacking Wikipedia article

Author: Corey Ballou

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  • webcrone

    Kinda scary but who would benefit from this? And who will now base the popularity of a particular product/service now it is clear ‘like’ is not a valid barometer of Facebook Folk?