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Introducing ClickDummy – Mockups That Click

At my employer, Skookum, we recently launched an application for web designers, freelancers, and UI designers alike called ClickDummy. Clickdummy is currently 100% free and allows anybody with a series of screenshots (mockups) to turn them into a full blown presentation or website prototype. Dummies let users navigate your mockups as if they were live websites or applications. Simply upload mockups you’ve created offline and draw clickable areas to let users navigate between them. The result is a very convincing simulation that does a much better job of communicating user experience than mockups alone. The site is one of the first built upon node.js.

Clickdummy - Mockups that Click

Why Should I Use Clickdummy?

Have you ever sent mockups to a client and tried to explain how they work together? Have you ever had to dig through piles of email to organize all the feedback you’ve gotten on a design? You know it’s a pain, and so do we. Clickdummy lets you bring your mockups to life, annotate them, collaborate with co-workers, share your work with anybody, and gather feedback all in one place.

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