Database MySQL

Securing MySQL Databases via GRANT Permissions

I’m of the personal belief that you should never grant all MySQL permissions to a user other than root. When deploying and setting up websites, one of the first things I do is create a per-environment database user with access…

Fedora MySQL

Fedora 16 MySQL 5.5.25a-1 Installation Error and Fix

I have faced a recurring problem these last few weeks with the installation of MySQL 5.5.25a-1 via the Remi repository on multiple machines. Below is an example of the error encountered during installation in /var/log/messages: Jul 29 01:19:13 mysqld-prepare-db-dir[749]: Initializing…

MySQL PHP Security

Escaping MySQL ‘LIKE’ Queries in PHP

Unlike most common MySQL escaping scenarios in PHP, one needs to take extra precautionary measures when implementing a LIKE query. LIKE queries contain special qualifiers for term matching, % and _, which the user could maliciously include in their search…